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The International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeon (ISOFS) is the leading international professional body for those engaged at the forefront of the prevention of obstetric fistula, treatment and rehabilitation of women with fistula.


We are represented in all continents of the world


UNPFA reports that Obstetric Fistula is a Widespread Problem in South Asia. ISOFS is in Asia (represented by Prof Fahmida Zabin) doing a lot to change the story.


There are very active members of ISOFS managing sensitive Fistula health research projects in Western European and the USA (represented by Ambreen Sleemi)

Middle East

Dr Biqis Al Sayied Ahmed Al Jailani is the Middle East Representative of ISOFS overseeing the activities of committed members in line with ISOFS goals.


ISOFS has representatives in West Africa (Dr Ayuba Abdullah) , Central Africa (represented by Dr Clovis Ourtching ), East Africa (Dr Hillary Mabey) and Southern Africa (Dr Lenny Starforth),


ISOFS has membership representatives in different countries of America


We exist to serve humanity

Prevention & Treatment of Obstetric Fistula

ISOFS was primarily setup to tackle the spread of Obstetric Fistula in Asia and Africa. Today, with the awareness made, we have more Fistula Health related manpower than when we started.

Rehabilitating Victims of Stigmatisation

We are also interested in rehabilitation of women with fistula who have experienced long isolation. To achieve this, we partner with communities, National and International agencies to achieve this


Our team of experienced Fistula health professionals across Africa, Asia and Europe have been of use in training help hands to fill the gap created from time to time.

Research & Publications

ISOFS owns and Manage an online research Journal , a repository for recent finding in Fistula related health research. We also publish quarterly Newsletters on developments in Fistula Health Communities around the world. You can follow us by subscribing to our Newsletters on this website.

Conferences & Workshops

ISOFS hold regular annual conferences in different parts of the world. The 2020 (8th) conference of the society will be held in Mozambique after the recently hosted event in Nepal, South East Asia.

Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science: Postpartum Hypotonic Bladder

Find series of textbooks each with a specific topic setting evidence-based standards.
This series has been developed for setting evidence-based standards in the training and management of the

Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science: Kees la Stool Fistula

The mechanism is pressure necrosis of the soft tissues between the fetal head and the
maternal sacrum bone
There is a high tendency to spontaneous healing as demonstrated by the fact that 837 
women healed without any surgical intervention during the first 3-6 months post partum; 
many of them already during the first 2 months.

ISOFS Membership

This is an online registration for ISFOS membership.
Regular membership is for fistula surgeons, associate membership for any professional involved with fistula treatment, prevention or rehabilitation.










Membership is in two categories as given below.


Membership of ISOFS is in two categories namely;

       1. Fistula Surgeons: This a category for members who are professionally trained (both practicing and retired) Fistula Surgeons

       2.  Non - Fistula Surgeons: This is a category are members who are not Fistula Surgeons but practicing in related discipline. Non-Medical practitioners who are stakeholders can also be considered.

Terms apply visit the membership registration page, fill and submit the form available there

Membership is renewed annually. The information on Membership fees and renewal are as given below.


Membership Category

Membership fees

Annual Renewal fees

 Full Member Fistula Surgeon



 Associate Member



ISOFS is an young organization, developed with few dedicated fistula surgeons from Africa and Asia. We have made great strides with members from Europe too.

At present ISOFS has more than 300 members from all over the world, specially from Africa and Asia. ISOFS is working with several partners who are having same goal of improving quality of life of women.

This is an online registration for ISFOS membership.

Regular membership is for fistula surgeons, associate membership for any professional involved with fistula treatment, prevention or rehabilitation.

Currently we are not able to collect the 50$ yearly membership fee online. We will contact you when this will become possible or request you to pay cash at the next conference you attend. 

Your email address and phone/whatsApp number will be entered into our register by the ISOFS Executive Secretary and will be shared with the regional representative of your region. 

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Meet our skilled team members listed below

Special Publications

Download & Read Interesting Publication on Fistula

Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science

Free book

Functional Female Pelvis Anatomy for Reconstructive Surgery

Setting standards by evidence-based practice

Functional Pelvis Anatomy in the female based on the Conservative/Surgical Management of the Obstetric Trauma as practiced in the National Obstetric Trauma Project in Nigeria.

Click to Download book


Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science

free book

ba hanya and Total Cervix/Uterus Prolapse Innovative Workshop

setting standards by evidence-based practice

"ba hanya and total cervix/uterus prolapse" innovative 5-day workshop as pilot hajiya gambo sawaba general hospital zaria
Monday 17 thru friday 21 July, 2017.

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Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Sciencekees neovagina reconstruction

free book

Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science

kees neovagina reconstruction
rectouterine or rectovesical pouch
in line with the functional pelvis anatomy

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Setting Standards by Evidence-Based Practice kees Ia stool fistulas


Step-by-Step Reconstructive Surgery based on findings and outcome

Setting Standards by Evidence-Based Practice

kees Ia stool fistulas

Step-by-Step Reconstructive Surgery based on
findings and outcome. Author: Kees Waaldijk

Click here to Download the Document

About Stool/Flatus Incontinence


Second Edition

A text book with step-by step drawings, diagrams and photographs and descriptions in detail about Stool/Flatus Incontinence

Also included is Kees analysis of the Gracilis Muscle Tendon Transfer/Plasty as postscriptum. Download Free copy here

Internal Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics

free book

Volume 148, Supplement 1, January 2020

Where we currently stand on obstetric fistula treatment and prevenon 

Treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula have seen gains over the last 20 years. There is room to improve surgical cure rates and to prevent them

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FIGO Fistula Surgery Training Manual

free book

A standardised training curriculum and guide to current best practice

This manual has been a global collaborative effort by expert and trainee fistula surgeons, professional health organisations and individuals committed to alleviating the suffering of women with obstetric fistula.

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UNFPA/Campaign to End Fistula (2021)


Global guidance on clinical management and programme development for Obstetric Fistula and other female genital fistula

The updated edition of the global UN guidance, Obstetric fistula & other forms of female genital fistula: Guiding principles for clinical management and programme development. The manual is an authoritative, gold-standard guide to the holistic, comprehensive and “bigger picture” aspects of eliminating obstetric fistula (including programming, policy, prevention, treatment, social reintegration and more) with the latest evidence, strategies, tools and resources.

The manual embodies the global vision of the new way forward towards eradicating fistula by 2030, as per the UN General Assembly Resolution (2018). If we are to accomplish this visionary, ambitious goal, new approaches & strategies are required, based on current evidence, best practices and lessons learnt in the decade plus since the original edition of this manual was issued in 2006.  Given the urgency of ending obstetric fistula as a critical step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and realizing the promise of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action as well as the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development, this manual serves as a crucial resource and a guiding light on the path to achieving health, gender equality and human rights for all.  

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Intensifying efforts to end obstetric fistula within a decade: Report of the Secretary-General (A/77/229)


Resource date: Jul 2022 - Publisher: Office of the UN Secretary General

The UN Secretary-2022 General's report brings to the General Assembly's attention existing and new challenges to ending obstetric fistula within a decade, including climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, which have exacerbated the root causes of this devastating childbirth injury. The report outlines efforts made at the global, regional, and national levels and makes recommendations to intensify these efforts to end fistula by 2030, using human rights-based and gender-transformative approaches.

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Focus Fistula



The Focus Fistula Association is an organisation initiated by Dr Igor Vaz dedicated to scale up obstetric fistula prevention and treatment in Mozambique in particular but also regionally. They are engaged in comprehensive efforts related to maternal health and fistula, focusing on prevention, treatment, training, patient reintegration, community mobilization, collaboration, advocacy, and data and research. They contribute to the National Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Obstetric Fistula, collaborating with the Ministry of Health and various partners.

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Masterclass in Obstetric Fistula

Free series of videos


You have always wanted to learn from Dr. Kees Kees Waaldijk on how to master obstetric fistula repair.

Here is the opportunity to participate in a masterclass through 20 videos. Thank You Dr. Kees for imparting your skills to new generation of fistula surgeons. Thanks to Dr. Michael Breen for sharing the link.


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