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Program Overview [8th ISOFS International Conference]


"Obstetric Fistula an Unacceptable Tragedy. End Now"



  1. Fistula Prevention

  2. Fistula Training

  3. Fistula Surgery + Trauma Surgery

  4. Patients physical rehabilitation and psychosocial reintegration

  5. South-South and North-South Partnership

To register for the events, visit this link:

We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s ISOFS conference.


This note provides you with logistical information for the forthcoming conference this November.

The Conference and Pre-conference Workshop will be held in Maputo – Mozambique.

As a reminder, all participants areexpected to pay their registration fee, travel and accommodation costs through their respective organizations.


DATES: 31 October - 4 November 2022 (for the pre-conference workshop arrivals on October 30)

LOCATION: Maputo City, Mozambique


LANGUAGE: The Conference languages will be English, Portuguese, and French. Simultaneous translation will be available at the conference.

DRESS CODE: The official conference dress code is business casual.


CONFERENCE KIT: A conference bag will be distributed at conference venue, with conference program, handbook, badge, notepad, pen, flash drive with conference documents, emergency contacts list, face masks and alcohol gel for COVID-19 prevention.



The conference will be held as hybrid event, meaning that some participants might not be present on a face-to-face participation. Remote attendance will be also possible with a reduced registration fee.

However, not all sessions will be made available online and not all of them in real time streaming, so we strongly encourage all interested participants to travel to Maputo – Mozambique.

More detailed information about online attendees and in which format, will be published on the conference website.



Registrations will open from 15 June 2022.

-  By filling the registration form and paying online for registration fee on the conference website (

-  By filing in the registration form at

It is possible for a delegate or representative to register all delegates from the same organization or agency, but individual registration forms must be filled and submitted online or sent by email.

Upon registration, each delegate will receive a conference code number (that can be used for hotel booking with conference discount rate and for obtaining visa on arrivals, etc.)



Visa requirements:

It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure visa requirements documents for Mozambique and any transit countries as may be necessary. Kindly visit the website or the nearest Visa Office of the Mozambican Embassy or Consulate in your country to check.


The conference organizing committee will facilitate VISA on arrival for registered delegates. Please make sure to indicate the need for visa on arrival on your registration form. After your registration, the Conference Secretariat will contact you for the required documents for visa application and provide you with an official letter for visa on arrival consent issued by the Mozambican government. Each participant should bring a printout of the letter with them to show immigration authorities upon demand.

Participants who have not pre-registered (at least 2 months prior to the conference) will have to make their own visa arrangements.


Letter of invitation:

The Conference Secretariat will send you a letter of invitation upon request, for those who require it to obtaining approval to participate, to travel, to apply for visa or in their efforts to raise travel funds.



Delegate should ensure that his/her passport is valid for at least 6 months from his/her travel dates.


COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates and tests:

It is the responsibility of each delegate to ensure that he/she complies with COVID-19 travel requirements. To travel to and from Mozambique, a vaccination certificate is compulsoryand a PCR test taken at least72 hoursbefore the travel day.


Travel related costs:

Cost of visa, airport taxes, COVID-19 tests, are the responsibility of the participant.

Participants are advised to ensure that they have their own travel, medical, life or other insurance.




Airport transfers to and from the hotels will be coordinated with the hotel you choose to be accommodated in and therefore should be requested directly to the hotel in advance, with no charge for delegates as it will be covered by the conference.




A list of hotels that have a negotiated rate for the ISOFS Conference can be found on the conference website with links to the hotels websites. Please book your accommodation directly with hotel, and make sure you use your conference code number received upon registration to be eligible for the discount rate and free airport transfer.

All hotels selected to accommodate delegates are located within the city center and close to the conference venue. Hotels range from 3-5 stars with breakfast included for delegates.


Transfer shuttles will be provided by hosting hotels to workshops and conference venue and back to the hotels. Participants staying in other hotels (not listed by the conference) will need to make their own transport arrangements to the venue.



The pre-conference workshop (31 October - 1 November):

Will be held at the Maputo Central hospital, with surgeries in the operating theaters and live transmission to participants at the Hospital's Amphitheater, where the medical procedures and surgical techniques of procedures will be discussed.


The Meeting of the International Working Group on Obstetric Fistula (2 November):

To be held in a meeting room (Gloria Hotel/Joaquim Chissano Conf. Center/Radisson Hotel) to be confirmed.


The conference (3 – 4 November):

The conference will be held at a conference center in Maputo city (Gloria Hotel/Joaquim Chissano Conference Center) to be confirmed.

The plenary sessions will take place in the conference room. Parallel debates on selected topics will take place in meeting rooms and the Exhibition will be on display in the Hall at the same conference center.


Meals: Coffee breaks and lunch is included and will be served at all the conference venues.

Wi-Fi: The Conference venue offers complimentary Wi-Fi connectivity to all delegates.

First aid: Access to first aid emergency medical services will be available on conference sites.

Security: Police security will be available on conference sites.

Local SIM card: A kiosk will be open at the conference venue for participants who wish to purchase a prepaid local SIM card and airtime or data recharges.



Weather:November is the beginning of summer in Mozambique. The average temperatures are from minimum of 18ºC to maximum of 37º C. Expect moderate hot/warm weather.

Local Currency/Money/Credit Cards: The local currency is the Mozambican Metical. US dollar, Euro and South African Rand are normally accepted for payments. Credit and debit cards as method of payment (VISA, Mastercard) are accepted. Foreign currency exchange can be done at Hotels and Exchange Bureaus.


Tourist Information:

Mozambique is known for having appealing tourist attractions with beaches, museums, monuments, craft fairs, bazaars, and delicious cuisine served in most restaurantsin Maputo city.

At conference venue,a tourism stand will be open for participants who wish to look for touristic activities.

Please check:  or


Kindly email for any clarification.

Kindly click here to download logistics Information about the conference

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