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ISOFS - International fistula day 2024

ISOFS celebrated IDEOF 2024 worldwide in collaboration with scientific societies, community leaders, health decisions makers, and healthcare providers. It has been an opportunity for ISOFS to raise awareness on obstetric fistula under the theme of the year: “Breaking the cycle: Preventing fistula worldwide”.

On may 25th, ISOFS conducted a webinar celebrating IDEOF with the topic: Topic: ISFOS’ vison and plans towards Ending Fistula by 2030. This event reunited fistula surgeons and partners.

Under the chairmanship of Pr. Sayeba, the event counted also with the presence of distinguished guest speakers:

Prof Anne Kihara, President, FIGO

Gillian Slinger, FIGO Fistula Training

Kate Grant, CEO, Fistula Foundation

Bridget Asiamah, Technical Specialist, Fistula & Coordinator, Campaign to End Fistula, UNFPA

Vandana Tripathi, Project Director MOMENTUM Safe Surgery in Family Planning and Obstetrics, USAID/EH

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