Prevention & Treatment of Obstetric Fistula

ISOFS was primarily setup to tackle the spread of Obstetric Fistula in Asia and Africa. Today, with the awareness made, we have more Fistula Health related manpower than when we started.

Rehabilitating Victims of Stigmatisation

We are also interested in rehabilitation of women with fistula who have experienced long isolation. To achieve this, we partner with communities, National and International agencies to achieve this


Our team of experienced Fistula health professionals across Africa, Asia and Europe have been of use in training help hands to fill the gap created from time to time.

Research & Publications

ISOFS owns and Manage an online research Journal , a repository for recent finding in Fistula related health research. We also publish quarterly Newsletters on developments in Fistula Health Communities around the world. You can follow us by subscribing to our Newsletters on this website.

Conferences & Workshops

ISOFS hold regular annual conferences in different parts of the world. The 2020 (8th) conference of the society will be held in Mozambique after the recently hosted event in Nepal, South East Asia.

Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science: Postpartum Hypotonic Bladder

Find series of textbooks each with a specific topic setting evidence-based standards.
This series has been developed for setting evidence-based standards in the training and management of the

Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science: Kees la Stool Fistula

The mechanism is pressure necrosis of the soft tissues between the fetal head and the
maternal sacrum bone
There is a high tendency to spontaneous healing as demonstrated by the fact that 837 
women healed without any surgical intervention during the first 3-6 months post partum; 
many of them already during the first 2 months.

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