Obstetric Trauma Surgery Art & Science: Postpartum Hypotonic Bladder

 Obstetric Trauma in all its forms in the low-, in the middle- as well as in the high-income world.


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The name of the series has been changed from obstetric fistula into obstetric trauma surgery since the fistula is only one aspect of the complex obstetric trauma though a systematic approach is being followed this seems to be a utopia since the material is too extensive and it would take too long each time a specific topic has been finalized it will be published as a separate entity; with later on an update if needed then somewhere along the line a comprehensive summary will be produced in order to have a representative overview the emphasis is placed on the functional anatomy of the pelvis, pelvis floor and pelvis organs, the female urine and stool  continence mechanisms, the mechanism of action and the principles of reconstructive and septic surgery
for training reasons it will follow a step-by-step approach and repetition; together with schematic drawings and photographs the whole series is based on kees archives of obstetric trauma with so far 26,500 reconstructive and conservative procedures in 22,500 patients with a rare “complete” documentation of each procedure and results as to healing and continence by electronic reports with 150 parameters, over 100,000 pre/intra /postoperative digital photographs and a comprehensive database as personal experience over a 35-year
period from 1984 up till now as such it is considered to be a full scientific evidence-based report; though it has not followed the “you peer me, i peer you” doctrine it is also not following the strict protocol of the international scientific journals or the socalled established theories; since only dead fish follow the flow of the river; and strict
protocols kill any creativity; the message is not in the format since it is the life work of the author it is written in his own words and in his own style writing things down helps the author in organizing his own understanding and ideas

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